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131 USA Soccer Team Şarkılar & amp; Futbol Chants

USA National Teams, USA oynarken futbol takımı

888 We Love Ya! And that's the way we like it! Çalma listesi
2645 World Cup Chants - USA A 2 minute compilation of the best international chants in the archive for USA - the perfect sound track for your World Cup! Çalma listesi
2788 Come on US, Score a Goal A cheer in hopes of a late winner Çalma listesi
3098 USA, USA, USA Simple one Çalma listesi
3305 Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Very simple chant for the USA Çalma listesi
4703 Woah USA Simple one - would make a good ringtone for anyone living in The States and wanting to support the USA national football team Çalma listesi
5273 3 Points for the Boys A winner! World Cup 2014 Çalma listesi
5451 We Watch for the Boys What support is all about - to cheer on your team Çalma listesi
6097 Bull... S*t! Sung when bad ref decisions are made Çalma listesi
7555 2-0 This chant is in Spanish - probably sung when we played Mexico... Çalma listesi
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7629 Cos We Support the US ...and that's the way we like it. We love you USA! Çalma listesi
7652 Uncle Sam's Boys When the USA is coming to town
8349 Adu! Freddy Adu chant Çalma listesi
8631 Jozy Altidore This is a chant for US striker Jozy Altidore
8844 USA - Not to Be Messed With Mean business Çalma listesi
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Almost every time the US plays Mexico, we win 2-0. See: 2002 World Cup Qualifier in Columbus, OH, 2002 World Cup Knockout Round in Jeonju, South Korea, 2006 World Cup Qualifier in Columbus, OH, 2010 World Cup Qualifier in Columbus, OH, 2014 World Cup Qualifier in Columbus, OH. All saw our boys in the red, white, and blue victorious 2-0. Know your team, my friend. mcmasterpox AFC Wimbledon Paz 13 Tem '14  · LED 2-0  ·  Bayrak  ·  Yanıt

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